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Maintaining The Structural Integrity of Your Buildings

What is Concrete Restoration?

Concrete has often been called the “modern backbone” of construction. As an economical, durable and readily available material, the word concrete comes from the Latin word "concretus", meaning compact or condensed. Concrete is a composite construction material, composed of cement; most often Portland cement, which is composed of mortar and plaster; and other cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag cement, aggregate, water, and chemical admixtures. After mixing with water, concrete solidifies and hardens due to a chemical process known as hydration. The water reacts with the cement, which bonds the other components together, and this process creates a stone-like material. Concrete is strong in compression, as the aggregate efficiently carries the compression load.

Although concrete is a strong material, all concrete is weak in tension as the cement holding the aggregate in place can crack, allowing the structure to fail. Due to shrinkage and tension, over a span of time concrete weakens and can lose its structural integrity due to long-duration forces making it prone to creep which creates movement.

Impure water used to make concrete can cause problems when setting or in causing premature failure of the structure, and this is one of several reasons why concrete is not indestructible, and the need for concrete restoration arises.

A good analogy is to think of concrete like a hard, porous sponge. Moisture, chloride ions, freeze-thaw cycles, high-weight impact, leaching, movement, pollutants and other harsh chemicals can penetrate concrete surfaces left unprotected and contribute to structural degradation. Concrete is often reinforced by adding either steel reinforcing bars, or steel fibers to it and when moisture gets into the concrete the steel will corrode and rust, further weakening the structure.

Left unprotected, the stage is set for more serious damage to occur. Without proper concrete restoration and waterproofing, fractured or deteriorating concrete can compromise structural integrity, pose serious liability issues, and create other significant problems. Properly restoring concrete when damage does occur, and protecting it from the elements, is critical in preserving the functionality of buildings, balconies, plaza and parking decks.

Prachel Waterproofing & Restoration recognizes that each restoration project requires a unique approach. Our staff is knowledgeable and skilled in the fine art of concrete restoration and waterproofing, and together we have decades of combined mastery in these techniques. Our extensive field expertise, with continual technological and product training, enables us to work closely with engineers, architects, managers and owners through proper communication and developing proper procedures and material selection for a successful project. Our experienced technicians at Prachel Waterproofing & Restoration will carefully analyze and initiate a system of repair and waterproofing that will help prolong the longevity of your structure, and guarantee “Total Customer Satisfaction!

Prachel Waterproofing & Restoration is proud to offer the following Concrete and Waterproofing Services:

  • Concrete Repair/Replacement
  • Structural Repairs
  • Parking Deck Restoration
  • Plaza Deck Restoration
  • Paver/Topping Slab Repair/Installation
  • Caulking and Sealants
  • Exterior wall Coatings
  • Expansion Joint Systems
  • Pedestrian and Vehicular Coating Systems
  • Deck Coating Installation
  • Above-and-Below Grade Waterproofing
  • Waterproof Membrane Installation
  • Epoxy Injection
  • Chemical Grout Injection
  • Interior Waterproofing Systems

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