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Our Detailed Bid Process

When a potential customer contacts Prachel Waterproofing & Restoration for an estimate, our first order of business is to conduct a fact finding interview to determine any existing issues with the property. We discuss exactly what the customer is looking for us to accomplish, whether it is waterproofing a building, concrete restoration, glazing, repainting a building, or all of these services.

During our initial meeting with a potential client, we discuss services requested, services our company offers, and the timeline of delivery for any requested services. We then ascertain the scope of the work the client is willing to undertake, and take the necessary measurements and photographs for each phase of the scope of work. After our initial meeting, we prepare and submit a proposal with quotations for each phase of the work to be done.

Once the client receives our proposal, they can pick and choose whatever services they would like for us to render, and we then proceed to submit a contract with the selected services detailed in the contract.

An important question all of our clients want the answer to is, “How long will the project take?” Each project has different needs and requirements, and depending upon what services are rendered, the final determinant of a timeline can be made. Some projects can take a few days and more complex projects can take a month or more depending upon the scope of work. Prachel Waterproofing & Restoration always provides a timeline before a project begins so that our customers can know exactly what to expect.

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